Allen & Heath iLive-112

AlAllen & Heath iLive-112len & Heath makes a bold entry into the world of software based digital live sound with its new iLive console. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a DAW controller and when I first got my paws on it I discovered to my surprise it was just as easy to use as one. The iLive system works in two main sections: the main console with its on-board software control and the iDR input rack which is designed for use on stage. To make things even simpler the main console connects to the iDR-32 stage rack via CAT5 network cable, no heavy gauge copper snake necessary. Furthermore this powerful software interface even allows control from a laptop alone without any console at all. Last minute sound checks become a thing of the past with the ability to save user presets for your own customizations of fader layouts, routings and EQ/FX settings – per band, per venue or both, whichever way suites you.

Allen & Heath iLive-112This is no toy. The iLive console is aimed specifically at professional live audio engineers, venue owners, equipment rental companies and events organizers. It also provides a complete hassle free solution to the touring band, as it requires no additional outboard gear. No matter your venue size or space constraints, the iLive has both the hardware and software customization options to effectively slot into your rig. Whether you require more input racks for larger festivals, a larger main console for more permanent venues or you’re a traveling live sound mogul running your band’s presets through front of house as well as doing live recording on your DAW system of choice – this console allows vast possibilities.

The extremely versatile A & H iLive console is already being used at major venues and festivals all over the world. Its simple, easy to master, yet extremely powerful control system all adds up to make it a very formidable competitor in the market of digital live consoles, and, above all it’s a great sounding desk. Many manufacturers have gone the route of digital software-based consoles with powerful DSP engines, very few of them however can offer can offer such a comprehensive solution that can be mastered within minutes. The professional studio environment today is primarily software based and focused around control surfaces and live sound is going more and more in this direction. The iLive also bridges the gap for any engineer wishing to change platform.

Key Features:

  • Distributed system – Separate MixRack and Surface
  • 32 mic MixRacks (32 mic MixRack also avail)
  • 28 Fader Control Surface w/4 layers (20 fader/4 layer also avail)
  • ACE Audio and Control over Ethernet link up to 120m single CAT5
  • New, high grade, recallable mic/line preamps
  • 64×32 RackExtra DSP engine with 8 stereo FX processors
  • Stereo FX slots emulating high quality popular devices
  • Up to 72 sources to the mix
  • 3 Dynamics, PEQ, HPF and Delay on all 64 channels
  • 2 Dynamics, PEQ, Delay and GEQ on all 32 mixes
  • Fully configurable audio bus architecture
  • 10 Main mix types including unique Sub mix mode
  • Quick access, analog style channel controls
  • Touchscreen for graphical view and setup
  • Channel or mix view of sends on faders or rotaries
  • Editor software for online or offline PC control

Allen & Heath iLive-112


  • Compact and mobile
  • The power of digital with the control of analogue
  • Simple intuitive layout
  • Great sounding pres
  • Fully customizable interface


  • One channel assignable EQ panel
  • Limited inputs on main console
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