Roland TD-20SX

Roland TD-20SXRoland unveils its flagship model of V-Pro Electronic Drums with the newly revamped TD20SX. Never before has a V-Drum kit been styled so closely to an acoustic kit, with chrome hardware frames and cymbal pads, deeper drum shells and a 14” kick pad to give a more authentic experience when played. Cymbal stands can be adjusted to either straight or boom for more flexibility and even the drum shell wraps are interchangeable. Apart from being tunable, the mesh drum pads respond both dynamically and tonally to each part of the pad struck. The TD-20X module has also been updated and contains all sounds from TD-20 and TDW-20 expansion board providing you with 100 kit presets and a total of 920 instruments.  The digital interface also has new reverb and compression engines, including the ability to reposition simulated microphones. Although looks may be deceiving, I can assure you that this kit was not used by the resident band in Mos Eisley Spaceport cantina on Tatooine.

This one’s aimed specifically at the seasoned pro drummer. On stage, the TD-20SX brings you all the power and flexibility of the digital realm to add that electronic edge to your performance no matter what style of music you play. In the studio, despite the 90K price tag, it is definitely the cheaper route to achieving high quality drum recordings as the TD-20X sound module offers immense versatility with its on-board mixer and multiple output routing options. If you’re simply looking for a state-of-the-art practice setup for home you’ve definitely met your match. No sound proofing is required and you won’t have become that noisy neighbour everyone complains about.

Roland TD-20SX For over 30 years they have lead the world of electronic drums , when it comes to innovation in design and using the most advanced technology to provide easy to use instruments of the highest build and sound quality, look no further than Roland. Make no mistake, the TD-20SX lives up to the legend. The great sounding COSM drum samples give you a myriad of incredibly realistic kits with real depth and character, including some electronic kits like the famous 808 and 909. The kit itself with all its updated hardware and new features allows real expressive playability with all its, making it an extremely attractive package overall. Bridging the gap between an acoustic and electronic kit has never been an easy task but the technological advancements in the design of the trigger pads and cymbals and a very convincing feel provide a comfortable transition from your acoustic kit to the TD-20SX.


  • TD-20X module
  • 100 kits and 262 backing instruments
  • Mesh pads with multiple trigger zones
  • 15 dual-trigger inputs
  • 10 audio and digital outputs
  • Eight group faders
  • Built-in sequencer
  • 1 x PD-125SX snare pad, 12″
  • 2 x PD-105X pads, 10″
  • 2 x PD-125X pads, 12″
  • 1 x KD-140SV kick pad, 14″
  • 2 x CY-14C-SV cymbal pads
  • CY-15R-SV ride cymbal pad
  • VH-12-SV 2-piece hi-hat pad
  • MDS-25 stand

Roland TD-20X Module


  • Massive collection of outstanding quality drums sounds
  • Tight, responsive pads
  • Simple but powerful sound module interface


  • Yet to ship in black
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