Spectrasonics Trilian

Spectrasonics Trilian BoxThose legendary sound gurus from Spectrasonics have struck yet again with the update of the award winning Trilogy bass module. The new Trillian Total Bass Module now runs on the same STEAM Engine technology which powers Omnisphere,  and includes a massive 34 GB  patch library consisting of acoustic, electric and synth basses. Eric Persing and his team have outdone themselves once again with a fantastic collection ranging from rare upright and hollow body basses to retro synths and electric basses sampled on vintage input channel and mic setups. The Omnisphere user interface has been carefully adapted to fit Trillian with fully customizable main panel controls, intuitive patch browser, the familiar set of effects and of course the powerful arpeggiator.

If commercial music production is your game then Trillian will make the playing field a good deal more fun. The applications of this instrument are vast indeed, allowing it to be easily used in TV or film, hip-hop, rock, electronic or any other style of music requiring an extremely dynamic low end. However, the true magic of Trillian’s advanced sampling system lies in its performance capabilities. Using up to 21,000 audio samples per patch, you can experience incredibly realistic sounding upstrokes, slides, slaps and staccato at your fingertips giving you an all round expressive and musical experience when played.

Trilian Total Bass ModuleSpectrasonics plugins have become a household name in the music industry and are now even more widely used than the Antares autotune, thank goodness. Each instrument is a masterpiece of modern technology and the multiple awards speak for themselves. In fact it is very difficult to turn on the radio, watch a movie or buy an album today without hearing Spectrasonics. Their extensive and constantly updated patch and soundsource libraries make these plugins an indispensable part of any producer’s arsenal and Trillian is no exception.


  • Larger core library includes multiple new Acoustic, Electric & Synth Basses
  • Includes enhanced versions of all the original Trilogy patches
  • Uses powerful STEAM Engine technology
  • Arpeggiator with Groove Lock for instant bass line syncing to any RMX groove or MIDI Files
  • Omnisphere library integration: use any of the Trilian sounds inside Omnisphere
  • Integrated FX racks, including all effects from Omnisphere
  • 8-part multitimbrality allows access to multiple articulations in a single plug-in
  • High-definition streaming sample playback with multi-channel audio architecture allows easy Mic, DI and Release soundsource mixing within a single layer
  • Extensive “Round Robin” sampling for natural sounding bass lines with repeated notes
  • Expressive Multisampled dynamic slides – realistically slide from one note down to another
  • Live Mode allows 8 dynamic bass articulations loaded at once with instant, seamless key-switching
  • Stack Mode allows user configurable key/velocity/controller articulation mapping
  • New Custom Controls main page for rapid editing, access to the most useful controls and user interface customization for each patch
  • State-of-the-art new Browser with Searching, Attributes/Tags, Images
  • Edit Page offers very powerful sound manipulation features including Timbre Shifting, FM, Flex Mod, Modultable FX, Dual-voice Harmonia and more
  • Mac Universal Binary VST/AU/RTAS support – Windows VST, RTAS
  • 64-Bit native support

Trilian Total Bass Module


  • The most advanced and unique software bass instrument available
  • Huge collection of inspiring and exotic sounds
  • Great upgrade system for Trilogy owners


  • Demanding on system resources
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