Antix – Cavalier – Iboga Records

Antix - Cavalier - Iboga RecordsThe long awaited and highly anticipated 4th Antix album brings forth an absolute feast of flowing energy. Masters of their craft, the Strom brothers have constructed a seamless 9 track album in the same vein of their moving live performances. To top it off they have included a second remix disc with interpretations from some of the most innovative minimalist dance music producers of today. Cavalier will carry your mind through delicately textured sonic landscapes over the deep, rich undercurrent unique to the sound of Antix. At a time in electronic music where it is easier than ever to fit the bare minimum requisites of a genre, it astounds me how much focus and experience has been poured into the production of this album to create something truly memorable and undoubtedly honest. This is by far the most definitive full-length Iboga release since Perfect Stranger’s ‘Free Cloud’.

Style: Progressive
Release Date: 20/05/2010
Available on: Psyshop, Beatport
Format: CD, Download

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