Pearl E-Pro Live Electronic/Acoustic Drum Kit

Pearl E-Pro Live Electronic/Acoustic Drum KitThe industry leading drum manufacturer Pearl has certainly decided to step outside the box for this one, announcing the recent release of their latest  E-Pro Live hybrid electronic drum kit. After all the hype it certainly looks the part, as each percussion trigger pad has been built onto an actual acoustic drum-shell with chokeable brass cymbal triggers. Although the rebound of the pads and the feel of the cymbals takes a little getting used to, it feels extremely comfortable to play and the fact that the shape, size and arrangement of the kit in its entirety allows for some true musical intuition to come into play. The idea behind the design of this phenomenal looking kit is give you limitless control over sonic capabilities on the digital side while making you completely forget that you are in fact playing an electronic kit in the first place. In this regard, the E-Pro Live is revolutionary because it creates a very convincing illusion of playing your favourite acoustic drum kit which is exactly what you want as a musical performer especially with the nature of an instrument like drums. Most drummers wouldn’t dare be seen on stage playing triggers, but yet another reason to be seen on an E-Pro Live is that one can combine these trigger pad drum-shells with your usual acoustic setup by loading them into the same Pearl Icon drum rack. All pads are standardized drum sizes with 22” kick pad 14” snare and 8,10 and 12” toms all of which are mounted upon 6-ply wooden shells which come in two flavours – maple fade and of course a jet black finish, to keep those gothic and dark at heart in a happy place. Once again the attention to the detail on the E-Pro Live kit’s feel, everything making way for a smooth transition without altering you playing style as a drummer in the very least.

Pearl E-Pro Live Electronic/Acoustic Drum Kit

As most drummers are prone to customizing their setups to fit every specification from bare necessity to absolute luxury, Pearl have also duly taken this into account. Apart from the rack giving endless expansion options, the drum-shells themselves are easily convertible to genuine acoustic drums – all by simply changing the drumhead and hoop. The drum pads themselves feature dual trigger zones for more advanced velocity sampling and for even further realism the surface coating of each trigger pad has also been directly modeled upon drum skins aiding more familiar playability then ever. The new eClassic chokeable cymbals have also been designed to very closely replicate the look and feel of the real thing. The 3-zone 16” ride cymbal gives the added freedom of using the bell of the cymbal to accentuate phrasing and even the ability to choke the decay time of cymbal tails on both the ride and the 13” crash. The overall velocity response of the eClassic cymbals was impressive from the first 16 beat on the 12” Hi-hat to the very last irresistible 12/8 jazz ride rhythm. Once comfortable any drummer will be able to tap into the true authenticity of the drumming experience offered by the ePro Live. With this well established, the checklist’s next item is of equal importance – what does it sound like of course? Pearl’s drum module comes action packed with 100 kits to choose from with 100 user patches to build your very own from the 1000 different available sounds. Apart from the 8 faders to tightly control the volume of each voice in your drum mix, the module’s connectivity also includes USB, MIDI in/out along with 2 main and 2 auxiliary outputs. The r.e.d. box’s 128 MB memory is essential for high quality sample playback required by the ePro Live. With a sound library ranging from the vividly authentic to the weird and wonderful and everything in between – with good quality reverb realism – it won’t be too difficult to either find your own or replicate a well-known classic drum sound.

The most powerful feature of any electronic drum kit is the limitless expandability of the sound library and the ability to control the wide range of drum sampling software available today. The standard sample memory of the ePro Live’s module may also be flushed and then replaced by specially designed kits from Toontrack, BFD, Ocean Way, Steven Slate, Sonic Reality and Virtual Drum Line. If your application is tracking MIDI drum takes in studio or rocking out on stage with both sticks spinning, the ePro Live certainly offers power and flexibility apart from the its obvious number one attraction – the fact that it both looks and feels like the real deal. Pearl are certainly onto a winner with this one and as further developments arise in sample triggering technology, so the power of instruments like this will become more and more evident. The overriding style of the kit complements rather than contrasts in comparison with a true acoustic kit and though there is no substitute for decent mics, natural reverb and good preamps, the ePro Live is considerably more affordable. All in all it stands out as a forward thinking and particularly innovative piece of musical technology, offering new options and previously unavailable flexibility. Drummers in the market for an electronic kit would do well both by giving the ePro Live a good look and watching this space closely for any future offerings from Pearl drums.


  • 22″ x 12″ kick
  • 10″ x 6-1/2″, 12″ x 7″, and 14″ x 8″ rack toms
  • 14″ x 4-1/2″ snare
  • 13″ chokeable crash
  • 3-zone 16″ chokeable ride
  • 12″ hi-hat
  • Real wood drums and real Pearl hardware for a totally realistic feel
  • eClassic brass cymbals
  • Tru-Trac heads
  • Pearl Drum Module
  • 1,000 sounds and 100 preset kits with 100 user kits
  • Ability to import external virtual drum sets from ToonTrak, BFD2, Sonic Reality, Ocean Way Drums, Steven Slate Drums, and Virtual Drumline from Pearl’s website

Red Box Module for Pearl E-Pro Live


  • Authentic playing experience
  • Pearl lifetime guaranteed robust drum hardware
  • Never ending customization options


  • Kit not interchangable with other drum sampling modules
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