Presonus Studio One

Presonus Studio OneDAW – Digital Audio Workstation, if you’re not familiar the term – chances are you don’t produce much music – now that we’re on the same page, by all means read on. Presonus has certainly not sought to reinvent the wheel in bringing you the new Studio One DAW. Instead they have taken elements of all the major DAW software packages on the market and created a simple, yet powerful system of music creation and production.  Studio One’s layout allows easy work-flow through the single screen GUI so browsing patches, sequencing MIDI, editing audio and monitoring levels all happens within the same window.  The Operation of Studio One has been divided into 3 easy steps: To begin with, choosing your project parameters (sample rate etc.) on the start page; then dive right into your recording, sequencing and editing; and finally the mastering editor gives you the tools to put the finishing touch on your album. Read More »

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Allen & Heath iLive-112

AlAllen & Heath iLive-112len & Heath makes a bold entry into the world of software based digital live sound with its new iLive console. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a DAW controller and when I first got my paws on it I discovered to my surprise it was just as easy to use as one. The iLive system works in two main sections: the main console with its on-board software control and the iDR input rack which is designed for use on stage. Read More »

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Akai APC40 – Ableton Performance Controller

Akai APC40 - Ableton Performance ControllerThe critically acclaimed APC40 is a performance software controller designed by Akai and Ableton to give you the most comprehensive and seamless software integration solution on the market. The intuitive 4 tier layout takes the Ableton Live interface directly into the hardware realm via USB – with its main attraction, The Clip Launch Matrix.  The 40 button grid, modelled on the infamous Monome controller, allows easy navigation through the clips and scenes in your set and displays the status of each clip through the colour coding of the backlit buttons. At the same time this provides you with a Session Overview of your entire Live Set with the touch of the shift button. Read More »

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